2018 Bills


Sponsors: Senator Jim Smallwood/Senator Nancy Todd and Rep. Tracy Kraft Tharp/Rep. Hugh McKean 

Background: In 2006 the legislature passed SB 06-020 allowing the Colorado State Board of Nursing to enter into a multi-state nurse licensure compact. The original Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) was an agreement between 25 states to allow a nurse with a multistate license in one compact state to practice in other NLC states. The NLC includes RN and LPN licensure only. The NLC has been operational and successful for more than 17 years. 

What does SB18-027 do? 
The bill would allow Colorado nurses to maintain their multistate license and join the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). The eNLC operates in the same way as the current NLC in that the bill allows for registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPNs) to have one multistate license in their home state with the ability to practice in their home state and other eNLC states. This modern version of the original compact increases access to care, protects patient safety and reduces costs while supporting state-of-the-art health care delivery for today and in the future. 

SB18-027 must be passed by January 19, 2018. 


UPDATE:  The FBI has approved the language for this bill and it is fully operational for all nurses applying. 

HB 18-1034 Career & Technical Ed Capital Grant Program 

Sponsors: Rep. Hugh McKean/Rep. Phil Covarrubias and Senator Priola

What does HB18-1034 do? This bill would provide funding for capital construction (bricks and mortar) for technical schools to expand the physical presence for technical and trades educational opportunities.
STATUS:Passed Education-2/26/18 11-2, referred to Appropriations - No hearing scheduled

HB 18-1057 Disclosure Of Information For Asset Recovery

Sponsors: Rep. Hugh McKean and Senator Coram

What does HB18-1057 do? Gives collection agents access to the state employment database through a process that ensures proper authorization and security of that information.
STATUS: Passed Judiciay-2/8/18 6-4, Passed Finance-2/12/18 11-2, Passed Appropriations-4/23/18 10-3, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Scheduled to be heard 4/30/18

HB 18-1137 Reporting Requirements DOT & DPS To GA

Sponsors: Rep. Hugh McKean and Senator Zenzinger

Background: This is a bill from the Statutory Revision Committee. This committee looks at our State Statutes and systematically refers bills to clarify or delete obsolete staturory language.

What does HB18-1037 do? This bill clarifies the reporting requirements for the Department of Transportation and Department of Public Safety.

STATUS: Passed State, Veterans, & Military Affairs-2/8/18 8-0, Passed Second Reading-2/13/18, Passed Third Reading-2/14/18 60-1, ( 4 excused), Passed Transportation, Passed Second Reading-3/13/18, Passed Third Reading-3/14/18, Signed by the Governor 3/29/18

HB 18-1140 Public Official Personal Surety Bonds

Sponsors: Rep. Hugh McKean and Senator Moreno

Background: This is also a bill from the Statutory Revision Committee. We had this same question before us last year in reference to the position of State Engineer.  That requirement was removed.
What does HB18-1140 do? Deletes an obsolete requirement for certain public officials to post a personal surety bond.

STATUS: Signed by the Governor 3/15/18
SB 18-095 Outdated References To "Illegitimate" Children

Sponsors: Senator Zinzinger/Senator Martinez Humenik and Rep. Hugh McKean/Rep. Hooton

Description: This is an example of a bill that we run to clean up obsolete language.  The use of the term illegitimate is one that carries a pergorative connotation and there is no need to continue its use.

What does SB18-095 do? Removes the  word "illegitimate".

STATUS: Passed Judiciary-2/7/18 4-0 (1 excused), Passed Second Reading-2/12/18, , Passed Third Reading-2/13/18 35-0, Passed Judiciary 11-0, Passed Second Reading-3/16/18, Passed Third Reading-3/19/18, Signed by the Governor 4/2/18
SB 18-122 Deputy Sheriffs No Peace Officer Standards And Training Certification

Sponsors: Senator Martinez Humenik and Rep. Hugh McKean

Background: Two provisions of current law require deputy sheriffs to be certified by the peace officers standards and training (P.O.S.T.) board, but another provision describes the authority of a 'noncertified deputy sheriff'. The bill clarifies that some deputy sheriffs may serve without P.O.S.T. certification under certain circumstances.
What does SB18-122 do? HB 18-122 clarifies that under certain circumstances deputy sheriffs may serve without peace officers standards and training. This bill further clarifies that noncertified deputy sheriffs may be employed if their authority is limited to duties assigned by the chief of police, sheriff, or the chief executive of a law enforcement agency.

STATUS: Passed Judiciary-2/5/18 4-0 (1 excused), Passed Second Reading-2/9/18, Passed Third Reading-2/12/18 35-0, Laid over in Judiciary, Scheduled to be heard 4/5/18, Postponed Indefinitely Judiciary-4/5/18 9-2
SB 18-150 Voter Registration Individuals Criminal Justice System

Sponsors: Senator Fenberg/Senator Lundberg and Rep. McKean/Rep. Lee


What does SB18-150 do? SB 18-150 allows a person on parole to preregister to vote.  A person who preregisters is required to meet the same requirements as a person who registers. When the Secretary of State receives notice that a person who has preregistered to vote has been released from parole, the person is automatically registered to vote. The Division of Adult Parole is required to provide information to individuals on parole about their right to preregister to vote. 

STATUS: Passed State, Veterans, & Military Affairs-2/14/18, Passed Appropriations-4/11/18 4-3, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Passed 2nd Reading-4/16/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/17/18 24-11, Passed State, Veterans, & Military Affairs-4/26/18 4-3, Passed Appropriations-4/27/18 9-4, reffered to the Committee of the Whole, Referred to the Committee of the Whole, Scheduled to be heard 4/27/18
HB 18-1190 Modify Job Creation Main Street Revitalization

Sponsors: Rep. Esgar/Rep. McKean and Senator Tate/Senator Garcia


What does HB 18-1190 do? 

STATUS: Passed Finance-2/28/18 10-1 (2 excused), Passed Appropriations-4/23/18 10-3, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Passed 2nd Reading-4/24/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/25/18 45-19 (1 excused), Assigned to Finance, Scheduled to be heard 5/1/18
HB 18-1219 Provider Access To Colorado Benefits Management System

Sponsors: Rep. McKean and Senator Jahn


What does HB 18-1219 do? 

STATUS: Postponed Indefinitely Public Health Care & Human Services-4/24/18 8-0 (5 excused)
HB 18-1235 Sunset Custom Meat Processing

Sponsors: Rep. Hansen/Rep. McKean and Senator Scott


What does HB 18-1235 do? 

STATUS: Passed Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources-2/26/18 13-0, Passed 2nd Reading-3/22/18, Passed 3rd Reading-3/23/18 61-1 (3 excused), Passed Finance-4/10/18 5-0, Referred to Appropriations, Passed Appropriations-4/17/18 7-0, Passed 2nd Reading-4/18/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/19/18 35-0
SB 18-037 Sentences For Habitual Criminals

Sponsors: Senator Kagan and Rep. Lee/Rep. McKean


What does SB 18-037 do? 

STATUS: Assigned to Judiciary-Scheduled to be heard 2/12/18
SB 18-130 Repeal Carrier Reporting Requirements To Division Of Insurance

Sponsors: Senator Smallwood/Rep. McKean

Description: Under current law, health insurance carriers are required to report data annually on reimbursement rates paid for inpatient hospital care to the Division of Insurance in the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). The Division of Insurance must then post this data in a user-friendly format on its website. 
What does SB 18-130 do? This bill repeals these requirements on health insurance carriers and the division.

STATUS: Passed Health & Human Services-2/14/18 4-1, Passed Second Reading-2/21/18, Passed Third Reading-2/22/18 31-4, Laid over in Health, Insurance, & Environment, Scheduled to be heard 4/12/18, Postponed Indefinitely Health, Insurance, & Environment-4/12/18 11-0 (2 excused)
SB 18-170 Reservoir Releases For Fish & Wildlife Mitigation

Sponsors: Senator Sonnenberg/Rep. McKean and Rep. Hansen

Description: Current law requires an applicant for a water diversion, delivery, or storage facility that requires an application for approval from the United States to submit a proposal to the Colorado water conservation board, parks and wildlife commission, and the division of parks and wildlife for a fish and wildlife mitigation plan which is sent to the agency of application for approval.

What does SB 18-170 do? establishes a process for an owner of a water storage right allowing water to be stored in a new or enlarged reservoir to be able to comply with the required mitigation plan by contracting with a board and dedicating an amount of water for release to mitigate the impacts that the newly constructed or expanded reservoir has on fish and wildlife resources.

STATUS: Passed Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy, Passed Second Reading-3/5/18, Passed Third Reading-3/8/18 31-4, Passed House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources-3/19/18 12-1, Passed Second Reading-3/26/18, Passed Third Reading-3/29/18 59-4 (2 excused), Signed by the Governor 4/12/18
HB 18-1267 Income Tax Credit For Retrofitting Home For Health

Sponsors: Rep. Gray and Rep. McKean

Description: The bill provides an income tax credit to an individual who retrofits or hires someone to retrofit the individual's residence. The bill specifies that the retrofit must:
• Be necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of a qualified individual;
• Increase the residence's visitability;
• Enable greater accessibility and independence in the residence for a qualified individual;
• Be required due to illness, impairment, or disability of a qualified individual; and
• Allow a qualified individual to age in place.
STATUS: Passed Finance-3/26/18 11-1 (1 excused), referred to Appropriations, no hearing scheduled
SB 18-184 Permit Short-term Extraction Construction Material

Sponsors: Senator Coram and Rep. McKean/Rep. Esgar

STATUS: Passed Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources-3/26/18 10-3, Passed Second Reading-3/13/18, Passed Third Reading-3/14/18, Passed Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources-3/26/18 10-3, Passed Second Reading-4/2/18, Passed Third Reading-4/3/18 61-2 (2 excused), Signed by the Governor 4/12/18
HB 18-1292 Pilot Program Assistance Person Experiencing Homelessness

Sponsors: Rep. McKean & Rep. Rosenthal

Description: This would create a grant program for communities that model what we do in Loveland, the Jump Start Program, collaborating between our public safety folks, our court and our social services to give a hand up to people experiencing homelessness.  This program actually produces results, helping people get their lives on track, while saving thousands in man-hours and costs for incarceration and prosecution for fines they cannot easily pay.
STATUS: Passed Local Government-3/21/18 8-4 (1 excused), Passed Appropriations-4/19/18 8-5, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Passed 2nd Reading-4/19/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/20/18 38-23 (4 excused), Assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs, Scheduled to be heard 5/2/18
HB 18-1321 Efficient Administration Medicaid Transportation

Sponsors: Rep. McKean & Rep. Arndt, Sen. Moreno & Sen. Martinez Humenik

Description: The bill requires the department of health care policy and financing (department) to create and implement a method for meeting urgent transportation needs within the existing nonemergency medical transportation benefit under the medical assistance program.

The method created by the department must provide medical service provider and facility access to approved providers who can meet urgent transportation needs, and include an efficient method for obtaining and paying for the transportation services.
STATUS: Passed Health, Insurance, & Environment-4/12/18 10-3, Passed Appropriations-4/23/18 9-4, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Passed 2nd Reading-4/24/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/25/18 43-21 (1 excused), Assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs, Scheduled to be heard 5/2/18
HB 18-1354 Powersports Vehicle Written Warranties

Sponsors: Rep. McKean & Sen. Zenzinger


STATUS: Passed Transportation-4/12/18 12-0 (3 excused), Passed 2nd Reading-4/17/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/18/18 62-0 (3 excused), Passed Finance-4/26/18 5-0, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Referred to the Committee of the Whole, Scheduled to be heard 4/30/18
HB 18-1394 Update Colorado Disaster Emergency Act

Sponsors: Rep. Singer & Rep. McKean and Sen. Kafalas


STATUS: Passed Local Government-4/19/18 13-0, Passed Appropriations-4/26/18 10-3, Passed 2nd Reading 4/26/18, Passed 3rd Reading 50-14 (1 excused)
HB 18-1395 Colorado Youth Advisory Council Review Committee

Sponsors: Rep. McKean & Rep. Winter


STATUS: Passed Education-4/23/18 6-5, referred to Legislative Council, Postponed Indefinitely Legislative Council-4/26/18
HB 18-1400 Increase Fees Stationary Sources Air Pollutants

Sponsors: Rep. Becker K & Rep. McKean and Sen. Scott & Sen. Jahn


STATUS: Passed Finance-4/23/18 10-2, Passed Appropriations-4/25/18 12-1, Passed 2nd Reading-4/26/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/27/18 58-6
HJR 18-1014 Holocaust Awareness Week

Sponsors: Rep. Michaelson Jenet & Rep. McKean and Sen. Todd & Sen. Cooke


STATUS: Adopted-4/20/18, Passed 3rd Reading-4/27/18
SB 18-243 Retail Sales Alcohol Beverages

Sponsors: Sen. Holbert & Sen. Guzman and Rep. Esgar & Rep. McKean


STATUS: Passed State, Veterans, & Military Affairs-4/25/18 3-1 (1 excused), referred to Appropriations , Passed Appropriations-4/26/18 5-2, referred to the Committee of the Whole, Referred to the Committee of the Whole, Scheduled to be heard 4/27/18