What is it?
Those who know me know that the traditional campaign rhetoric isn't the best representation of who I am. I pride myself in being a public servant.

Daily I am humbled by the fact that I was elected to represent you and this great ​

city that we call home, but truly, it isn't about me. It is about the people who live, work, and play here. The businesses and the organizations, the compilation of personalities, hobbies, and interests. For that reason, I am proud to announce our 2018 campaign theme: ​​​​#LoveWhereILive.
Throughout the next year, we are excited to feature a handful of reasons why I #LoveWhereILive and I am thrilled to bring you all along on this journey of learning what makes Loveland so special to me.​

The Jump Start Program

January 2018

The JumpStart program is one of the unique reasons why I #LoveWhereILive. Loveland takes a thoughtful approach to sentencing our most vulnerable population and sets these individuals on a road to success. Enforcing personal responsibility and accountability in exchange for tickets and fines is a win win for all -
a model that should be considered beyond the borders of our very special town.
  1. The Christmas Star
    Christmas in Loveland, CO means seeing the Christmas Star on the hill. See the story of Max Moree and how the star came to be. #LoveWhereILive