Natural Resources

Late in September I found myself out at the site of the Chimney Hollow Reservoir.  While I posted a picture or two of the group and the valley on a sunshiny day the goal was not to present information to the seventy or so folks gathered to consider the building of the reservoir.  Instead it was to quietly convey the support the project has from the Colorado State Legislature.  
The impact on the over seventy contractors gathered there, to know that there is support in terms of both policy and finance, was of great benefit.  Working in this way to secure the water future of Loveland and northern Colorado is one of those vital jobs that’s more than just a photo op or a press release.  

Looking Ahead

In November I will be part of a group that will be traveling to Israel.  Part of that mission is to take a look at the many ways the people of Israel have reclaimed barren desert and now use the land to produce the food they need.  We will have to look carefully at such innovative ways of using and conserving water as we plan for the inevitable growth of our population.