Anyone who has sat in traffic on Interstate 25, or heard me talk about it, knows that we have to tackle our transportation needs.  This off-session I spend many days out in other districts, looking at their issues with the State’s roads and bridges.  We have billions of dollars of work to do and more and more pressing needs by the day.  Currently we have a plan in place for the expansion of north I-25.  It is called an Environmental Impact Statement and the effective piece of the EIS is the Record of Decision.  The ROD for north I-25 was designed in three phases, the last of which will include a public/private partnership on a managed (toll) lane and an additional general purpose lane is anticipated for completion in 2065.  Speeding that process up takes money and money is something short supply these days.


Looking Ahead

There have been a variety of proposals in the last few legislative sessions designed to help leverage current revenues. 
​ I co-sponsored the TRANS Bonds II bill last year, bonding these improvements on the current gas tax receipts, adding some General Fund dollars and ensuring the ongoing maintenance of prior projects.  We will have to look at building a consensus on priorities in the budget, perhaps planning a few years at a time, looking at increasing funding for one priority in one budget year and another in subsequent years.